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The benefits of using our trading service

Boost your team.


Simply order, pay and enter your account data, then sit back and relax.


Due to our superior trading strategy your account is hundred percent safe.


Once we start trading, it takes about 15 minutes in average to finish.

Dream Team

You can now build the team you always wanted.


A stronger team gives you a clear advantage in Champions and Rivals.

Outplay Friends

Win against your friends with your new owerpowered team.

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Why do you need the account data?

Our transfer method relies on speed, without automatism it is not viable.

How can I pay?

We accept credit card and online wire transfer (some countries).

What are backup codes?

You can find them in the security settings of your EA account. They are needed to skip the 2FA authentification.

How do I know I can login again?

You will see a green checkmark in step 3 and you get an email.